December 6, 2018 app
Max Hovious interviews Joan and Bill Hall on their life, beliefs, and much more.

Joan and Bill Hall are friends of Max Hovious. They have done many things throughout the years, like owning stores, working hard on farms, becoming highly successful in the rental property business, and much more. In this interview, Max and...

December 3, 2018 app
The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Grandma Eulalia lived in a poor household where she wanted to be a teacher. In this interview she talks about her regrets and her life as a young child living in a poor community. We get insight on the daily...

December 1, 2018 app
Thanksgiving listen

How life was growing up poor in the 50s

November 27, 2018 app
Growing up in a small town during world war 2

Luke Halski (14) interviews his Grandpa (George Salava, 79). They discussed the troubles and fun times of growing up during World War Two in upper peanut in Ohio (a small mining town). George grew up wanting to travel the world...

November 26, 2018 app
The Cold War

Me and Ed talk about what it was like to grow up during the Cold War. We talk about how it affected us in long term. Also about what it was like in Russia at the time.

November 25, 2018 app

The hardship people had to go through just to survive.

October 10, 2018 app
The life of an Arkansan

My Great Uncle Johns life growing up versus poor in South Arkansas