Thanksgiving Interview

In this interview Yara, a 15 year old, and her grandfather, Dave, who is 80, talk about the continuity and changes from growing up in the 40s to modern day. It explores subjects from wars, innovations, education, and politics.

Anita Stoudmire and Kathleen Van Riesen

One Small Step partners Anita Stoudmire (55) and Kathleen Van Riesen (74) discuss the "loneliness epidemic," free speech, and their opinions about transgender youth.

Mark Sarich and Gavyn Hagan

Mark Sarich [no age given] tells his friend and mentee Gavyn Hagan (24) about the tight-knit Eastern European community he grew up with in Madison, Wisconsin.

Kitra Mwania and Nicholas Bown

One Small Step partners Kitra Mwania (36) and Nicholas Bown (25) have a conversation about the need for in-person civil conversations, criticism of one's country as patriotism, and the separation of church and state.

The Heat of Hardship on the Blade of a Boy with David Perez and Eli Goodman

Eli Goodman (17) talks with his childhood best friend David (17) about the struggles of growing up in poverty without biological parents, and how the pain of his past positively affected his future.

John Flynn and Josh Leach

One Small Step conversation partners John Flynn (70) and Josh Leach (32) discuss about politics.

Ashley Choker and Melody Woods

Ashley Choker (38) interviews her colleague, Melody Woods (43), about her upbringing, her experience as a troubled teen struggling with substance abuse and the law, and her eventual recovery. Note: This recording has in-depth descriptions of substance abuse and domestic...

Channon Mondoux and Jodi Michaels

Channon Mondoux [no age given] and Jodi Michaels [no age given] come together to talk about Canadiana Fest, a festival that Channon is putting on in October 2023 to celebrate Canadian culture ( Channon also reflects on the experiences that...

Charlie Garrott and James Phares

Childhood friends Charlie Garrott (63) and James Phares (62) reflect on their time growing up in Jackson, Mississippi during the onset of school desegregation. Charlie and James discuss their experiences at public school in Jackson and remember their integrated youth...