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This interview was with Erin Cromer, Payton Cromer’s mom which discussed the phases of her pregnancy.

Abortion Access in Texas After Roe v. Wade

This interview is conducted by 24 year-old Selma Ruhle on her 21 year-old friend and coworker, America Garcia. They discuss America's experience with abortion as well as her opinion on this divisive topic.

Rosie’s Birth Story

Talking about the story of Rosie’s birth from her parents. Rosie is 3 weeks old and Dara and Andrew talk about the pregnancy and first few weeks with Rosie

Sara Ward and Valerie Akerson

Valerie Akerson (46) interviews her patient Sara Ward (34) about her journey as a mother of a child with medical difficulties. They talk about the importance of seeking out mental health support.

El Embarazo

it’s about the experience my mom had having me and being pregnant her struggle and everything important about it.

Sauleiha Akangbe & Safia Alakbar

Sauleiha manages the Just Birth program for Swedish in Tacoma. She spoke with her sister, Safia about the importance for this work and how it benefits the Black, Indigenous and Asian Pacific populations of her community. She also talked about...

Wally Long and James Sweeney

One Small Step partners James Sweeney (69) and Wally Long (63) discuss their community work, their mutual belief that the right to vote is "sacred," and why face-to-face conversations are so important.

FS INTERVIEW: What's On Your Mental?

I wisely selected this interviewee because I wanted someone who I know has experience in the selected topic I chose. I believe it was only the smart decision to go with the candidate who would answer questions honestly, wisely, and...

40 Year Old Grandmother

Jadyn Holt (15) speaks with her aunt Clara Copelin, (41) about her hardship while being a teen mother and a young grandmother.

Cyra Sanborn Dumitru and Daniel A. Dumitru

Mother and child Cyra Sanborn Dumitru (64) and Daniel A. Dumitru (29) discuss Daniel's conception via in vitro fertilization, Cyra's pregnancy, and what inspired Cyra to become a parent. They also discuss how Cyra's relationships changed with her loved ones...