Nicole Cobb and Sister Helen Santamaria

Nicole Cobb (39) interviews her mentor and colleague, Sister Helen Santamaria (79), about her time, experiences, and impact at Loretto Academy. They also talk about trust and their hopes for Loretto Academy.

Katie Steward and Michelle Bradfield

One Small Step partners Katie Steward (54) and Michelle Bradfield (55) connect over their experiences raising families and feeling like they straddle party lines while discussing their differing views on voting and political apathy.

StoryCorps Interview

Interview with my dad about his meeting with former First Lady Barbara Bush

The Student Leadership Challenge – Featuring Maddy Magaña

Maddy Magaña, ASB President, shares her journey of leadership and offers advice about the importance of a leadership position.

Asking my mom how much the media has changed in her lifetime

I am a junior in college. My mom is an accountant. We talked about how much the media has changed over her lifetime.

Interview with Mayor Tannehill

On Monday, November 2, 2020, the day before the 2020 presidential election, I interviewed Oxford mayor Robyn Tannehill about her thoughts on the upcoming election.

Let’s talk interview

That’s about 2020 election and what your opinions are on freedom our country and safety

Yushin Interviews Cailey

Yushin interviews his friend Cailey about swimming, being the villain in another person's story, and what she would do if she was president.