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December 2, 2020 App Interview

my dad and i talk about what his life was like at my age(17) and about his experience in prison

Interview with DOC Staff Brooke Linton about PREA

I did an interview with my mother, Brooke Linton, about PREA and her thoughts about working in a correctional institution.

Facts and Statistics about Prison Sexual Assault

This is my second podcast episode give facts and statistics about prison sexual assault. Sorry for all the stuttering! Went through a lot of information.

Welcome to my Project

This is my introduction podcast to my Feminist & Queer Theories Final Project.

My Dads Time as a Prison Counselor

Scout Kuehn wantend to know more about her dads time as a counselor in a prison. After the interview she knows a lot more about him and is proud to call him dad.

my mom

we talked about a funny story that happened to my mom in law school.

Najee Greenlee (15) and his aunt Pallestean (56) discuss her past and the shortcomings of the legal system.

Najee Greenlee interviews his great aunt Pallestean and she recounts her childhood. She talks about growing up on a farm with her fairly large family and how her life was like. Later the interview goes on to her post-secondary education...

A Great Thanksgiving Listen

I asked my grandfather some questions about how he met his wife and to tell us some interesting stories he has.

Mattea Bertain Interviews Her Grandfather Tom Bertain About His Life
November 30, 2015 App Interview

Tom Bertain discusses his life in this interview conducted in November of 2015 at his residence in Rio Dell, California. He talks about his time in the service as he traveled all through Europe. He describes working for the prison...