Naomi Fertman and Sarah De Los Santos Upton

Friends and colleagues Naomi Rose Fertman (40) and Dr. Sarah De Los Santos Upton (36) talk about navigating parenthood and their careers as educators at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). They also talk about their community, women's...

Clint McGuire and Jack Benjamin

Clint McGuire (56) continues his conversation with his former professor and long-time friend, Jack Benjamin (70), about Jack's years building and running a theatre department at the University of South Carolina Aiken. This conversation mainly covers the early and mid...

Fran Close and C. Perry Brown

Dr. Fran Close (54) interviews her good friend and colleague Dr. C. Perry Brown (74) about his journey toward becoming an epidemiologist, his work as a researcher and college professor, and the relationships that both keep him grounded and make...

Claire McCoy and George Black

Claire McCoy (58) sits down with her father, George Black (86), to ask him about his experiences as an actor and his career as a professor in the theater departments of various universities.

Andre Garcia-Nuthmann and Victoria Evans

Andre Garcia-Nuthmann (62) speaks with his best friend Victoria Evans (65) about how he became involved in music at an early age, how he continued his career by studying in Europe and later back in the US. He also talks...

English Interview Project

A discussion with my dad about his career as an English professor.

Professor Lenneal Henderson: Racial Inequality in Education

This interview comprised of talking about a variety of issues with Professor Lenneal Henderson from the College of William and Mary, focusing specifically on racial inequality in education.