Jaxson Brown and Shira Smillie

Conversation partners Jaxson Brown (21) and Shira Smillie (26) discuss Jaxson’s journey coming out as transgender, navigating trauma, and being himself. Jaxson also talks about the queer community in Colorado Springs and about advocating for change.

LJ Davis and Bev Emmenecker

One Small Step partners LJ Davis (45) and Bev Emmenecker (64) have a conversation about protests for small businesses, issues with the pharmaceutical industry, and Christian values. They find common ground in the philosophy that many people have shared beliefs...

US History Oral Interview Project

In this interview, I discussed life during the 60s with my two grandparents, Bruce and Michelle Baumeister. We discussed life during the Vietnam War, what school was like, entertainment, music, and overall what living was like during this time.

Josh Marchant Vietnam War interview with his grandfather, Randy Marchant

Randy Marchant is my grandpa, he was born in 1945. Topics such as his time in college, the draft process, and his stories are talked about.

Sam Webber on Saving Hallowell from the Highway

Hallowell, Maine resident and City Historian, Sumner "Sam" Webber describes Hallowell’s iconic downtown in his childhood in the 1940s through the 1960s. He outlines the fight to save it from a highway expansion and the early years of historic preservation...

John Morris + Cricket Morris

[Recorded Friday, June 10, 2022] John Morris (Col '71, Law '74) and Cricket Morris sit down for a One Small Step conversation in Pavilion VII on the Lawn. The two reflect on the political dynamic in their households growing up,...

Social Justice in the 1980s; The Day my Dad Finally Stopped Being so Boring

Eric Zentner describes his journey through multiple social protest organizations, fighting apartheid, homophobia, and war.