Interview With My Mom

This is an interview between myself, and my Mom. She’s my bestfriend, and the most easiest person to talk to, so I saw it best fit to interview her for my Storytelling Assignment.

Soledad Vargas’s Story

The people in this interview is Sophia Ochoa (the interviewer) who is 15 years old, Soledad Vargas (the person getting interviewed) who is 79 years old, Rene Ochoa (translator) who is 45 years old. Sophia Ochoa is the grandchild of...

interview with mom

i interviewed my mom, she talked about how she’s proud and how she struggled too see me at my lows. she talked about her happiness memories. i’m just glad me and my mom got closer over the years.


The person’s name is Hiro, he is 26years old. He is my uncle who takes care of me now in Lynchburg. we talked about the thing that he’s most proud of, and his favorite thing to do. I also asked...

Father and Daughter

Chad Rich 51 years old. Tonya Rich wife of 27 years. Daughter (Camryn Rich) 21 years old. We talked about how he would like to be remembered and who he admired, how he would handle adversity, who is was the...