Marianna and Papashorty speak about music, media, love, and The Delfonics

Marianna Davis (20) speaks with her grandfather, Leo Davis Jr. (65) about media and the ways it is consumed and discovered in various eras of the 21st century. Topics such as love songs, political music, and music mediums are covered...

How the media has changed from the 1970s to now

Today I decided to ask my dad, Antonio Price about the different types of media. He is 46 years older and I am 19 years old. I asked him about the influence, changes, and his personal feelings about the media...

Music Evolution Through the Ears of a ‘Generation X’ Adult

Listen to a mother-daughter team discuss the evolution of music from the last 60s to today’s trending (or not so trending) tunes.

Concerts & Rock-bands, a Blast From the Past!

Janet Vaughan gives her daughter Hannah Vaughan insight on what concerts were like when she was younger, as well as some of her favorite and most influential rock-bands + more.

the new and old of audio media

in this discussion I interviewed my mom about audio media (music, radio, podcasts etc.) and how it was while she was growing up to nowadays

Music Evolution from a Mother's Perspective

In this interview, I, Hailey interview my mom Tammy about the music industry and how it was when she was my age. We also touch on where we think music is going in the future.

Music and Radio of the world

I was with Alfreado Del Real, who is a macanic.We talked about the impact of music and radio in our society, past and present.

Music Makes You Lose Control

Listen as a father and daughter, Ivan and Sophia Rosado, talk about the evolution of music and musical preferences.

Mass Media, From Gen X to Z

Discussion ranging from different types of media, to generational struggles and differences.