The Train Hopper

So my dad decided to hop a train near UC Davis. This is an interview of him talking about his experience

Lil Bev Goes to Arkansas

My mother Beverly recounts her visit from Chicago to Arkansas in 1944 when she was 4 years old.

Trackside Memories

Trains, a career, and running a family couldn’t stop Grandpa from graduating college.

Larry Walker

My grandfather, Larry Walker, talking about his childhood summers in Green Mountain Springs, CO.

The Train Ride

My mom, Christina, describes the time she shared with her grandmother when taking the train to New Mexico.

The greatest role model

In this interview we explore my families history with my mother who grew up in Santa Ana in the seventies. She shares details into our family’s past some of the jobs that they did and how she a mexican woman...

Final Project

I chose to interview Mike Shaw, a retired BNSF employee. I thought that Mike would have good perspective on what being a railroad engineer was really like. Mike not only had pivotal information on what was expected of him and...

Talking with Mom

I talk to my mom about my great grandfather.