Harry Callahan Interview #1

Jen Callahan, 32, interviews father Harry Callahan, 82, about life growing up on the Callahan Ranch, how he wound up in showbiz, and turning 16 in a cabaret in Mexico.

Doherty 7 –

Catherine Doherty discusses her upbringing in Gurdane and Butter Creek, Oregon, and a nightmare that plagued her until a conversation with her mother.

Shelley Buffalo and Thomas Peters

Shelley Buffalo (55) talks with her eldest son Thomas Peters (22) about the Meskwaki nation and their tribal bison herd. Thomas describes working with the bison and their importance to the tribe. Recorded at the Practical Farmers of Iowa annual...

Ian Bitzes and William Cross

Ian Bitzes (24) talks with his grandfather William "Rory" Cross (86) about his life in the National Guard, ranching, and his time in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

Brittany Hancock and Tad Hancock

Brittany Hancock (31) interviews her grandfather, Tad Hancock (82), about his childhood, his experience serving in the U.S. Navy, his career as an electrical foreman, their family's farm, and the advice that he'd like to pass on to future generations...

Rooster McConaughey and Gilbert Prather

Rooster McConaughey (66) and good pal Gilbert "Gil" Prather (80) talk about cowboy life, ranching, Gil's love of music, the TV and movie ventures the two have participated in, and life in far West Texas.

Mary Emeny and Keralee Clay

Keralee Clay (50) interviews her friend and mentor Mary Emeny (77) about Mary's family and their influence on agribusiness and culture in the Amarillo, Texas community.

Matt Muhsam and Kerry Bertsch

Matthew Muhsam (51) and his lifelong friend Kerry Bertsch (53) reflect on growing up together in Seattle amongst a close-knit group of neighborhood friends. The close friends touch upon being there for one another throughout fun times and tough losses...