Tom Hawthorne stories about presidents.

Mostly told me about how he ended up with LBJ’s Beechcraft Queenair.

Grandpa Tom

Tom Mann talks about his political experience growing up (4 days after his 70th birthday!)

June 2, 2018
Zach Newman – Interview with Dan Newman

My father, Dan Newman, speaks about his memories of growing up in New York City during the tumultuous late 1970’s, the Reagan presidency, and the end of the Cold War.

Chris’ Cruise

My father went on a cruise to Grenada in 1982, the year before President Reagan authorized Operation Urgent Fury to invade the island. Here he recounts what he saw during his trip, and his reaction to the news coverage after...

Christian Glazewski and his grandmother Barbara Peeples discuss different aspects of her life in Mcleansville, NC.

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Mcleansville, NC, Christian Glazewski interviews his grandmother, Barbara Peeples about her growing up in Winston-Salem. In addition, she discusses some of her fondest childhood memories, her aspirations when she was younger, and...

October 26, 2017 app
The Iran Hostage Crisis (November 4th, 1979 – January 27th 1981).

This interview talks about the hostages kept in the American embassy in Iran for more than a year.

December 3, 2016
StoryCorps Interview

In this interview, conducted on December 2, 2016 in Parma, Idaho, Misti Martinez (19) interviews her grandmother Marie Holfeltz (67) about her views on life and what she has been through. Marie shares stories about her childhood and life growing...

November 27, 2016
My Dad’s Childhood and Life

This interview is between my dad, Brian George, and I, Reece George, on November 27, 2016 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. My dad talks about growing up in the 70s and 80s. He talks about his teenage years and college as...