Joshua Hanks and Karin Kaufman Wall

One Small Step conversation partners Joshua Hanks (32) & Karin Kaufman Wall (50) talk about their changing faith, a shared trauma experience, their frustrations with politics and where they find hope.

Anne Matava and Randi [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Randi [No Name Given] (23) and Anne Matava (60) talk about their parents, disability, recovery, trans and nonbinary identities, generational differences, history, and their hopes for the future.

Rosalind Watkins and Marie Thompson

One Small Step conversation partners Marie Thompson (51) and Rosalind "Roz" Watkins (60) share coping mechanisms from childhood and as adults, loss of loved ones, addiction and recovery, political policies and conversing with people who disagree with them.

Matthew Koehler and Kedar Padhye

Matthew "Matt" Koehler (33) speaks with Kedar Padhye (39) who operated on him after a traumatic neck injury just over a year ago. They remember the surgery and the perspective shift it gave them both.

A Mother’s Fight with Stage 4

This interview includes, 21 year old, Devon Robinson interviewing her mother, 55 year old, Jennie Robinson. Jennie has been battling Stage 4 Breast Cancer since July 2022. In this interview, Devon ask her mother questions about her journey through cancer,...

Cassidy MacArthur and Sandy Macarthur

Cassidy MacArthur (23) interviews her mother Sandy MacArthur (66) about an accident that has impacted both of their lives for the past 2 years.

Kathleen Parizek and Connie Greenawald

Kathleen "Kate" Parizek (71) and Connie Greenawald (67) talk about Kate's life before her sickness, the perspective she gained in her recovery, and the pair's friendship through it all.

Surviving a historic Vermont flood

Matt Commo (55) and Ann Commo (53) live in Waterbury, Vermont which on July 10th-11th experienced historic flooding. They share the flood’s impacts on them, their story of rebuilding, and their perspectives on the future living in a floodplain.

Jennifer Justice & Kirsten Lavery

Jennifer shares her story with Kirsten of how through a series of unfortunate events she went from "supermom" to dealing with an opiate addiction and living on the streets. While on the streets she got pregnant with her third child....

Cynthia Rose and Taylor West

Taylor West (24) interviews Cynthia Rose (58) about her role as the mother of the community and how she is learning to give that same love and care to herself in this next phase of her life.