Cindy Smith interviews her mother, Myong Arndt, a Korean war bride.

Cindy Smith: 2021-09-16 00:18:30 54 year old daughter interviews her immigrant mother, Myong Sun Lee was orphaned during the Korean War. She was living a little out of Seoul, S. Korea when my father, Private First Class, Leo David Arndt...

Omar Mohamed and Valentina Ross

Coworkers Valentina Ross (56) and Omar Mohamed (31) discuss the importance of highlighting refugees' stories, how immigration has affected their community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the rise of anti-immigrant sentiments in the United States and abroad.

Ruhama Lamure and Pete Anders

Ruhama Lamure (23) chats with her mentor, Pete Anders (56), about her hopes for her new career, what it means to be an officer in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and how the police force can attract more women and people of color.

Interviewing an Iraqi Refugee

My name is Nadia Albino, an MSW student at Loyola University Chicago. In this interview I speak to Moustafa Aldouri. As a student specializing in migration studies I focused on the experience of a refugee in the United States. Moustafa...

Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka, Efugbaike Ajayi, Eniola Ajayi, and Toluwalase Ajayi

Omofolabo Ajayi-Soyinka [no age given] is interviewed by her daughters Efugbaike Ajayi [no age given], Eniola Ajayi (42), and Toluwalase Ayaji [no age given]. Together, they remember Omofolabo's husband and their father, discuss Omofolabo's activism in Nigeria, and their move...

Georgette Bisoka and Fowzia Adan

Georgette Bisoka (23) and her friend Fowzia Adan (25) share their experiences as refugees living in Boise, Idaho. They discuss moving to the US, finding community, and the importance of self-advocacy for refugees.

Emmanuel Eletere and Ebenezer Murengezi

Emmanuel Eletere [no age given] and his mentor, Ebenezer Murengezi (34), reflect on their experience as refugees in Kenya and the United States.

Hugo van Waardenburg and Frank van Waardenburg

Frank age 98 on Providence Hospice, of Dutch Indonesian heritage born in east Indies shares reflections with his son Frank who lives with his father about serving in the Dutch Indonesian army and being a prisoner of war for three...

Bunthay Cheam and Chho Sok

Bunthay Cheam (40) interviews his mother Chho Sok [no age given] on her experience as a Khmer refugee.

Tara Dhungana's Food Story

Former Bhutanese refugee Tara Dhungana discusses his food culture and the challenges of adapting to available foods and cooking practices in the U.S. This interview is part of Westerville Public Library's Westerville Voices project.