Leaving Home

Saron Teklehaimanot (17) talks to Ergib Jaleta (47) about her journey to America after leaving Ethiopia.

KIND Client, Isaias, in Conversation with KIND Attorney, Kelly Bonafé

KIND Attorney, Kelly Bonafé, interviews her client Isaias on his life, hopes and dreams for the future, and the positive impact KIND and having legal representation has had on his case.

Carolyn Avigliano and Tyrone Williams

Carolyn "Mary" Lee Avigliano (41) and Tyrone Roderick Williams (60) talk about their childhoods, the obstacles they've overcome, commitment to community, frustrations with social/political divisions, and their hopes for Fresno.

Perspective of a Laos refugee
October 3, 2022 App Interview

Mouanh Onesy gives a very brief summary of her experience as a Laos refugee

Niya Nyassa and Linda Joseph Byron

Niya Nyassa (23) speaks with her former teacher Linda Joseph Byron [no age given] about her story, learning to express herself, and her hopes for the future.

Chantale Niyonkuru and Sara Skinner

Sara Skinner (49) interviews her friend and colleague Chantale Niyonkuru (23) about her upbringing, culture, life experiences, and journey from a refugee camp in Tanzania to graduating college in Boise, Idaho.

Alex Schmidt and Nancy Warner

Nancy Warner (70) interviews her friend Alex Schmidt (75) about his family's experience emigrating from Germany to the United States. They also discuss his childhood in Germany and Washington State, his military and clergy careers, and his family.

Philip Hellreich and Miriam Hellreich

Philip Hellreich [no age given] shares a conversation with his spouse, Miriam Hellreich [no age given], about his parents and his father’s side of the family escaping Austria during the Holocaust. He talks about the miracles that helped them escape,...

Jennifer Bahnaman and Gertrud Zoeller

Jennie interviews her friend Gertrud (83) about her experiences as a refugee from Bohemia, first to Germany and then to the United States, as well as her time as a Wisconsin Master Gardener where she established the first butterfly garden...

Masaya Kraichit, Rebecca Satim Penh-Ma

Rebecca Satim Penh-Ma talks with her younger cousin, Masaya Sky Kraichit about her time growing up as a refugee, adapting and growing up in America from Thailand.