Hubby tales

We talked about our relationship. About him being a proud dad. How his brother has been his biggest influencer.

High School Sweethearts

Interview with a co worker who has an interesting take on communicating

Beth Klaushie-Perez and Kayla Perez on Love and Relationships

Kayla Perez interviews Beth Klaushie-Perez over her experiences in relationships, her outlook on love and what could be the key ingredients in a good and wholesome relationship.

Dating and Finding Love

An interview with my mom about her relationship with my dad

Storytelling Interview

I interview my husband for my speech class.

Midnight Convos

A young couple has a casual conversation and discuss childhood and inspirations.

Nick and Cass

About our relationship and feelings about the future

Perspectives from a friend

This interview includes a multitude of topics including career, family, heritage and other topics from one of my brilliant and closest friends, “Jay”

"Truth and Love are the solution…" Suzanne Lewis-Johnson & Nichole Terrett discuss their work in the fight against human trafficking.

Nichole Terrett, 32, and Suzanne Lewis-Johnson, friends and colleagues at RAHAB Ministries discuss how their lives brought them into the work against human trafficking, truth & justice and how healthy relationships are one of the most important change-makers for victims...