Listening to Momma

I asked my mom several questions about my childhood. We discussed what is was like to mother me all the way to how she feels about me soon becoming a wife.

Childhood and relationships

Isaac is sixteen years old and had some good memories with friends that he is still in contact with to this day. He talks about his relationship and their growth.

Ben and Ellie

Ellie tells us a little about herself and her beliefs.

Father and Daughter

My father and I talked about the good and hard times that occurred in our life time. We also talked about what we hope for in the future.


First we talked about school and the current events going on like graduation, grades, etc. Then we talked about the future, something unknown to us.

The Fate Behind Relationships: Love, Marriage, Divorce, Friendship, Parenting, and Growing Up.

My neighbors from home have been a second set of parents to me, raising me like one of their own. In this interview, the three of us discuss what it was like spending the last 19 years together through family...

Jerry & Nadia: Relationship ties

A conversation between exes as they reflect on their relationship. We talk about things we learned from each other and our relationship struggles.

Who You Are Today

My mom Michelle and I talked about her life before and our relationship. We talked about emotional stuff that truly brought us closer.

My Inspiration

I chose to interview my mom for this project. She is my inspiration in life and I wanted to dive into some questions with her.