Interview with Stephanie Torres

This interview contains stories from Stephanie’s life and her past experiences that has helped her grown as a woman.

Thanksgiving Interview with my Grandmother

My Grandmother sits down to talk with me about her life while growing up, and her relationship with relatives and family.

Exploring Identity as a Twin

An honest conversation with my fraternal twin about her experience growing up as a twin and how her identity and relationship with self has developed over time.

My mom

My mom went in depth on her childhood memories and experiences.

An Interview with PhD Student, Lauren Leining: What is the impact of COVID-19 on UTHealth student relationships with family and friends?

This 40 minute interview dives into the perspective of PhD student, Lauren Leining--her relationships, workplace, and program during the COVID-19 pandemic. This interview was initially conducted as an extra credit assignment for a masters level qualitative research methods course.

Jasmine’s interview

Interviewing my sister with in depth questions that should always be thought of or I would think to be nostalgic. I think one day we can look back at this together and see in the near future if any of...

Coronavirus questions with my dad

I ask my father questions about his experiences with coronavirus and how he dealt with the struggles of seeing family and staying healthy.