“You’ve got a bright future and I’m so proud of what you’ve done so far”

Kathleen Bergman is a 54 year old middle school math teacher. She has an 18 year old daughter and a 17 year old son. When she had her first child at 35 she was thrilled to have a baby girl....

Interview between Erin Bis and John Bis

In this interview, Erin Bis (18) interviews her father John Bis (54) about his childhood memories, those that are his happiest and most difficult. The interview also consists of conversations regarding his experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and the impact...

Carl and Jenny Howard
December 23, 2023 App Interview

The participants are Carl and Jenny Howard (Papaw and Mamaw) and their interviewer was their grandson Alec Sullivan. This was a quick discussion about their meeting, hopes and desires, and advice for future generations.

How family affects us

Benjamin(15) and Martha (49), son and mother discuss the influence from family relationships

Influential People in Our Lives.

Manisha Shakya Siddhi(42) talks with her daughter, Judisma Siddhi(15), about the meaningful relationships in her life. She explains how they helped develop her character and teach her valuable lessons.

Kelsey and Tamara (Part 1)

Kelsey Lewis, age 15, interviewed her mother, Tamara Lee, age 42, about her life, past decisions, and her biggest regrets. This interview is filled with laughs, tears, and so many different emotions. Enjoy your listen as much as we enjoyed...

A Survivors Story

Interviewees name is Vivian Guzman, she is my sister and she is 25. We discussed how it was being in a domestic violent relationship, how she got out, and what her life is like now.

Interview with Grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa, his name is Dale Przybilla. He is 78 years old. My name is Emily Boser and I am 15. We talked about his parents and what it was like for him growing up, how he met...

charm asks noah

me (charm) and Noah talk about his childhood and influential people throughout his life!

BFF Interview!

Tula Nicholson (19) interviewed her best friend Amy Peters (18) over facetime. Topics discussed included how their friendship began, best memories, info about Amy’s personal life, deep questions, and more!