Memories of Nursing Career and Family

89 yo Barbara discusses nursing career including the polio epidemic

Work interview

This interview was me interviewing my grandmother and her telling about her basic working life and all the different things she did in life.

Sara Gabay’s Life

Today I interviewed my mother, we talked about various points in her life, interests, pets, food, etc.

work interview/nursing

My name is Samantha Gresham, I am 23 years old. I conducted an interview of my coworker & friend, Brittany Aldridge on her line of work, nursing. This interview includes her feelings and steps that brought her to where she...

Suzanne Barton, SRNA, BSN, RN, CCRN

Suzanne Barton age 31 interviewed by her husband Josiah Barton age 31 about her positive and negative experiences as a nurse and the resiliency she possessed to continue on.

Nursing during Covid

My name is Amber White I'm 41 years old. I'm am interviewing my mother Sheila Spence LPN who is 59 years old. The interview is about what she went through as a nurse in a nursing home during the Covid...

Nursing Then and Now In Linda’s Words

Linda is 77 years old and has worked in nursing for 60 years. She shares stories, words of wisdom and what brings her joy.

Paul Moses and Maureen Moses

Husband and wife, Paul Moses (69) and Maureen Moses (69), reflect on their life together. They discuss how they first met, Maureen's work as a nurse, and the challenges and triumphs they experienced in having children.

From an ER Nurse's Point of View

I interviewd my mom, an ER nurse, about her exciting and unique career.