My IT Friend George

George Arce he is 24 years old and my relationship is that he is a good friend that I had in school. He was the IT manager at my school and helped me learn a lot of life lessons.

Charles Patrick senior Interview

Jacob Williams (14) and Nathan Allen (14) interview Charles Patrick (18) and attempt to draw out his experience as being a student at Fairbanks High School.

Interview With Fariza Islam

Allison Nguyen interviews her best friend Fariza Islam on her early childhood and school experiences. She recounts funny stories she had as a young child, and what she thinks of school.


Mary Devine is interviewing her 20 year old cousin Cailyn Decker about the ups and downs of college and all of the interesting things that she learns at the Culinary Institute of America.

New year 2024 – zoë and eric

Zoë and Eric are both 22, and they’ve been best friends for a while now. We discussed Eric’s thoughts on the world and his experiences.

Oscar Benoit and Mitzi Moss Duhon

Oscar Benoit (70) speaks with their friend Mitzi Moss Duhon (69) about their experience integrating Northside High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, where Mitzi attended, in 1970.

a pretty bad photo

Two 18 year old friends named Charlie and Ciara discuss a meaningful day at a Skechers store.