Joseph William Eyles and Bill Keenan with Grady Gordon Sceals

Grady Sceals talks with former students Bill Keenan and Joe Eyles about his experiences growing up in Albany, attending Dougherty County Schools and returning to Albany after college and his Navy service to first teach in the Dougherty County School...

Anna Bartlett and Kate Johnson

[Recorded Tuesday, September 12, 2023] Anna (19) from Douglasville, Georgia, and Kate (18) from Somerville, Massachusetts participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA. Anna discusses finding leadership and...

Alaysia Jackson and Faith Fabian

Alaysia Jackson talks with Faith Fabian about her upbringing and relationship with religion and how it has shaped her identity Alaysia Jackson: 2023-09-21 21:23:21

Dr. Stefanie Sevcik and Michael Sevcik

Mercer University Professor, Dr. Stefanie Sevcik (39) talks with her husband, MFA student, Michael Sevcik (43) about his relationship with art, academia, being a stay-home parent, and a student from 2007-2023.

Interview between Julie Barefoot and Jason Barefoot

Jason Barefoot speaks with his mother about their most fond memories of Decatur, what makes someone or something "quintessentially Decatur" and, how Decatur has informed their life experiences.

Welcome Message

Lizzie King, one of the founders of TREE LIFE STORY, introduces you to the project

Immigration Stories Malta: Tatiana & Anonymous 24, "I was back & forth to Malta 12 yrs ago. Then I brought my Mother & Daughter 5 yrs ago."

Tatiana, her mother, and her daughter all immigrated to Malta from the country of Georgia 5 years ago. Tatiana has hopes of immigrating to the U.S. or Canada in the future for a new and different life than she experienced...