Interview with my mom

I interview my mom who is 51 about her life in Vietnam prior to moving to the Philippines and the United States. She talks about some hardships our family faced as immigrants in this country.

A ordinary upbringing in China – Jinghua Tang

Jinghua Tang, who is also my Dad, was born in China following Mao Zedong's death. Growing up in a time of increased openness in China, we discuss what this time was like.

Interview w/ my Mom (49)

Bogdan Shamrai (17) with his Mother Tetyana Yatsenko (49) discuss the stigma with Russian and Ukrainian Culture. Along with this she goes into depth about the past relationship between the two nations and other countries of Europe. From this the...

My Dad’s Life after Leaving Vietnam

Monica Tran (17) interviews her dad, Thuan Tran (55) about what his life was like after leaving Vietnam. He talks about how leaving Vietnam was for him as well as his early experiences in America. He also mentions how polio...

Interviewing my 4th Grade Teacher

Jedrick Kantala (16) and Ms Grace Nall, previous 4th grade student of elementary teacher. Discussed about education and learning to growing up.

Brenden and Mandy Lozano

[Recorded Thursday, April 27th, 2023] Brenden (36) and Mandy (45) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Brenden has served in the US Army for nearly 18 years, with an interest in the American founding and military history....

Bob Brick and Sunny Hwang

Bob Brick and Sunny Hwang talks about their passions and what their journey is/was like to find their passions.

Surgeon’s Journey

in this recording, the interviewee details his journey through becoming an orthopedic surgeon and the reward at the end