Tori Brasher-Weathers and Tamekia Jackson

Tori Brasher-Weathers (40) speaks with conversation partner and new friend Tamekia Jackson (37) about her experiences with and journey to motherhood.

Wynter Mathews and John Mathews

Wynter Mathews [no age given] speaks with her husband John “Wes” Mathews (44) about what drew them both to military service, positive role models, and the differences in military service within their families.

Kennedy Miller and Scott Miller talk about his army experience and his career life.

Kennedy Miller(15) and her father Scott Miller(40) talked about Scott's past and what he used to do. We started off talking about his army life and how he was an army truck driver outside of high school. He traveled to...

Woods, Kaylee (Thanksgiving Interview 11/27/23)

Kaylee Woods, 14 talking to Trista Whitehead, 37 and we were talking about role models and goals.

Woods, Kaylee

Kaylee woods, 14 interviews Yusra, 15 about role models and goals.

Michael Burke and Ravi Nayak

Michael Burke (53) speaks with his friend and doctor Ravi Nayak (58) about their shared journey with Michael’s cystic fibrosis. The two emphasize the importance of a trusting physician-patient relationship.

Susan Means and Phillip Means

Spouses Susan Means (63) and Phillip Means (63) remember their early life and Phillip's enlistment and deployments, and they reflect together on the joys and challenges of their military connection as individuals and as a couple.

Joelle Aheto and her uncle, Liberty Nulaans talk about childhood memories and role models

Joelle Aheto (16) and her uncle, Liberty Nulaans (59) sit down for an interview to talk about life in Ghana, his schooling, and his passion for photography and technology. They also talked about how Christianity shaped his life and how...

Striving to be a Good Person

Simon Yeldo, a sophomore electrical engineering student interviews Michael Barry, a 61 year old English professor at the University of Detroit Mercy.

Tamara Fields and Andrew Vo

Friends and colleagues Tamara Fields (48) and Andrew Vo (48) discuss their shared experiences as current colleagues and alumni of the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin.