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The Life of a College Freshman and Gaining Independence

On September 27th 2023, Jamison Sevilla (19) from New Jersey sat down and interviewed Laine Emanation (18) from New York. Jamison met Laine this year at the Coast Guard Academy and both have lived on the east coast their entire...


I interviewed my rowing coach about her experiences in the sport.

The story of Kevin Smyth

An interview between my father and I about what he has learned and experienced growing up

Rowing at Washington

William Linderman answers questions about his experience as a rower and student at the University of Washington.

Christine Christopher and Lydia Boddie-Rice

Christine Christopher (66) interviews her friend Lydia Boddie-Rice (66) about her experiences growing up in an interracial family, the rowing club she created, and her artistry.

Julia Nichols and Michelle Farrell

Julia Nichols (41) speaks to her friend and colleague Michelle Dusserre Farrell (50) about their careers as Olympic athletes in rowing and gymnastics respectively, they also discuss their ties to the olympic community after their participation in competitive sports.

Catherine Gigantino, Nancy Sasso, and Sarah Hogan

Sarah Gigantino Hogan (37) talks with her Mother, Catherine Gigantino (63), and her Aunt, Nancy Sasso (62), about their childhood, their parents, and growing up in a large loving family.

Sophie Traube and her friend Max Hobhouse talk about the last seven years of his life.

In this interview, Sophie Traube interviews her friend and brother’s best friend, Max Hobhouse. They talk about their friendship, Max and Jack’s (Sophie’s brother) friendship, and his new life here in California for university after growing up in England. Max...