Andrew Duxbury and Ginnie Prater

Dr. Andrew Duxbury (61) speaks with former student Dr. Ginnie Prater (46) about his experience working in geriatrics across rural Alabama. Dr. Duxbury explains the importance of at home visits for rural populations and gives his thoughts on how to...

Amber Moody & Kelly Corcoran

Amber, a palliative care nurse, and Kelly, Chief Mission Officer are the boots-on-the-ground team for a tele-palliative care team in rural Stevens County, Washington. Without the remote capabilities of the team, many patients seeking palliative care would need to travel...

Katherine "Kathy" Bertram and Harold "Scottie" Scott

Dr. Kathy Bertram (71) and her former patient Harold Scott (57) speak about Harold's experience finding HIV treatment in the early stages of the disease's discovery, going public with his HIV status, and seeing the methods of care in rural...

Glenda Terry and Shannon Terry

Glenda Terry (67) and her daughter Shannon Terry (46) speak Shannon's brother Jordan, who had a heart attack 16 years ago, and is still on the road to recovery. They recall their journey of providing Jordan with care, and the...