Once upon a time in Russia

For this project, I interviewed Dr. Justus Hartzok about his time in Russia working on his doctoral dissertation. During this interview, we discussed his interest in history, his host family, and various obstacles he had to adjust to.

Oklahoma kid storytelling

My 86 yr old Dad recounts storytelling as entertainment, & our family’s oldest story plus a bit of alcohol & guns!

Joshua’s Interview

Joshua Furman (age 9) interviews his paternal grandmother (age 69) about her immigration to the United States from Russia. Key points discussed include why she left Russia and the move to the states.

Immigration Stories: Anonymous 25 – "I take the position like this – it doesn't matter where I am, it's anywhere is better than Russia."

Anonymous 25 is from Russia and has been living for long periods of time in other cities throughout the world. Landing in Malta has been both a challenging and wonderful experience. She is a resident and birthed her daughter in...

Thoughts on the Support for the War Between Russia and Ukraine in Russia

Elena, a russian who immigrated to the United States in the 1970s, discusses with Sean (21) the effect the war between Russia and Ukraine has had on her personal relationships, how she is feeling about the war, and what she...

David Siefkin: European Diplomat

My mom’s uncle speaks on his experience in Europe and his viewpoint about politics.

Andy Cullen and Nick Shipley

One Small Step partners Nick Shipley (40) and Andy Cullen (57) learn about their shared acquaintances, talk about their faith, and discuss politics and policy.