Adi Mahan and Sydney Harrison

Today, Adi Mahan and I talked about her most terrifying experience. It is crazy how young (16) Adi is and how she has been put in a near death experience. Hearing about how she handled being on a boat in...

A life of military service and sailing adventures: a veteran’s story

My husband, Matt and I bought our first live aboard sailboat in 2013. We moved it to a marina in south Florida and docked next to a boat called, “On Point” and met our new neighbor, and Marine Corps Vietnam...

Boatyard Stories, Part 1

Polly Schneider tells about life in Hermosa Beach, California, Ace Boatyard and sailing to Catalina Island from King Harbor Marina in Redondo Beach.

An Overnight Sail That Finished with a Bang

Bruce Daly explains his story of sailing through a large, unexpected storm.