Easter Sunday

A crazy neighbor lites my grandmas house on fire

Gavin Harvey

Gavin talks about his scariest experience.

9/11 Jill Czyz, Family worked in buildings.

Family members didn’t go into work that day, and it ended up saving there life.

Wierd Stories with Suraya

Suraya Jabaieh tells about some wierd experiences she’s had

Creepy Sleepover with a Possessed Baby Brother

A sleepover isn’t new at all, but add in a “possessed” baby brother, that’s scary. Ashlyn tells this funny scary sleepover. They all lived in Australia.

Kristen Herold interview

Kristen was close growing up with her brother, and says it was scary not knowing where he was, especially since she only had contact with him about once a month.


Interviewed my mom about Vietnam and her journey to America. Also how America gave her more of an opportunity to succeed.