Brittany Perkins and Katy Moore StoryCorps Connect Practice Zombie Interview Excerpt

Brittany Perkins interviews her friend and fellow English IV teacher Katy Moore about Zombies, Run!, as they illustrate for their students how to use StoryCorps Connect.


Cheyenne Waters (18) and Rebecca Klosko (17) reflect on their friendship and school in general.

A Father’s Story

My father, Jon Slagel, and I discussed his life prior to having children. He spoke about how he spent his time as a child, what jobs he had before taking on a full career, and what his journey to marrying...

Why Be A Police Officer

“I was spending time with my grandparents and there was a shooting and I remember my dad yelling ‘GET DOWN’. Chris Yzaguirre talks about his life as a police officer and what it takes with his step daughter (Sophia Pinkerton...