Interview with an elder, mom, Amy Messegee

This interview was conducted with my mother, who I have always looked up to and taken advice from. During the interview I learn more about her past, where she grew up, and the people that she looked up to. I...

APUSH Extra Credit

I spoke with my grandfather, Gino Pazzaglini, about his life and his greatest achievements.

Life advice and insights for high schoolers

From advice regarding education, to the non monetary benefits and life lessons acquired from work experience, this interview can reach a high schooler a lot of valuable information.

Interview with Mr Pirrone

General life questions. Started with talking about family and familiar origins. Shifted to personal life, particularly work life and accomplishments

Entrevista con mi Tia Sonia

Una entrevista con mi Tía Sonia acerca de su vida, niñez, trabajo y escuela. Ella aconseja a los jóvenes que les echen ganas y siguen sus sueños.

Thanksgiving Interview – Clare Drebitko (Mom)

Memories from my mother’s childhood as well as lessons learned from mentors, and family members.

Interview with Chloe

My cousin Chloe and I talked about different parts of her life.

This is a test for our public speaking class.

We got to take a test on how to use the app because we are getting to interview a family member on Thanksgiving for 40 mins about anything we want to talk about.

Evelyn Fuller’s first interview

We talked about what it’s like being a 3-year-old, as well as a lot of Disneyland memories.