Dalal’s Life

In this interview, Dalal speaks about the things that are most important to her in life. She tells about her childhood, family, job, and the most important lessons she’s learned in life.

Carsten and Tony

Got to know about Tony’s school life. Also about his job and his past.

Interviewing Mrs. Johnson

I got to know more about Ms. Johnson’s life and why she’s so passionate about what she does.

Thanksgiving Interview

Allan, 15 year old interviews his 29 year old brother Arthur on how he did in school, what was his favorite subject and his activities during summer, when Arthur was his age. Allan then asks questions about how he got...

90 years of advice

My grandma has been on this Earth for 90 years, and this is some of the memories and wisdom she’s gathered.

Rodd Bay: A life’s story

Rodd Bay has been my father in law for a while now and I decided to pick him for my interview because I wanted to get to know him better as a person. We both had a great time during...

My Grandma’s Life

We talked about her relationship with her husband and what she’s learned from him. We also discussed how school and working has effected her life.