Interview with my friend Aura who immigrated to Singapore when she was young about her life


Interview with Elizabeth regarding her life.

Covid-19 on the Individual

We explored the effects of this situation on each of us individually and then touched on how we can make a difference in this.

What was ur feeling when u came to nb

The all interview is about Jiashu’s American life

A Disrupted Childhood

Imagine being 11 years old, fleeing from your country to escape a civil war. Alfonso Campos didn’t have to imagine this, he experienced it. Olivia Campos, his 14 year old daughter, has interviewed him about the early years of his...

The life of my grandfather

What he was like in his childhood and what he did and did not do and what he wants for our future generations

Sandra Estes

I interviewed my adopted aunt Sandra (Sandy) Estes. She’s in her 60s and is a local to San Diego, California. I’ve known her since birth and has had a great impact to my family and my life.