Recording – 03-22-2024 11:17:41

Emily Barnett interviews her Grandma about her life experiences with parents in the great depression, segregation and discrimination, and the vietnam war.

Oscar Benoit and Mitzi Moss Duhon

Oscar Benoit (70) speaks with their friend Mitzi Moss Duhon (69) about their experience integrating Northside High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, where Mitzi attended, in 1970.

Conversation with Legend and Paris Brown (Segregation)

My Nana Paris Brown [69] and I talked about segregation and discrimination. She had experienced, which was very little. We also talked about what she did in her free time and other experiences she has seen encountered or heard about...

Cathie Hancock and Brenda Ford

Cathie Marie Hancock (63) tells her conversation partner Brenda Ford (52) about her experience of motherhood and her family.

Kimberly Guthrie and Diane Conner

One Small Step partners Kimberly Guthrie (56) and Diane Conner (60) discuss their hobbies, backgrounds, and how being educators has shaped them.

Cheryl Henry and Cindy Martin

One Small Step Partners Cheryl Henry (60) and Cindy Martin (70) share stories about their families, political beliefs, and their home state of Virginia, and student loan forgiveness.

Lorraine Fontana and Kelly Windus

One Small Step partners Lorraine Fontana (76) and Kelly Windus (56) discuss their different upbringings, spiritual beliefs, and views on homosexuality.