GRCC Voices with Jany and Penni

During the Golden Raider event for retirees, I had the privilege of speaking with a former GRCC staff member, Penni, about their journey at the school. They shared insightful anecdotes about their time, highlighting the impact GRCC had on their...

Stephanie Hurd and Ali Manning

Friends Stephanie Hurd (29) and Ali Manning (35) talk about their careers in food & wellness and the ways in which they practice self care. The friends reflects on how these topics existed in their childhoods and what advice they...

Al-nisa Petty and Ezra Vallecillo

Friends Al-nisa Petty (33) and Ezra Vallecillo (33) share their thoughts on the meaning of home, community, and personal growth.

Leah Spencer and Chiq Teresa Edwards Spencer

Mother and daughter Chiq Teresa Edwards Spencer Spencer (70) and Leah Spencer (48) discuss being in college at the same time, Chiq's experience as a non-traditional student, and the importance of education.

Ebony Isis Booth and Sheryl Felecia Means

Friends, colleagues, and co-conspirators Ebony Isis Booth (41) and Dr. Sheryl Felecia Means (31) discuss burnout, the medical racism Black women face in seeking reproductive care, ancestral healing, and rest as resistance.

FS INTERVIEW: What's On Your Mental?

I wisely selected this interviewee because I wanted someone who I know has experience in the selected topic I chose. I believe it was only the smart decision to go with the candidate who would answer questions honestly, wisely, and...

Dimple Dhabalia and Tiffany Gray

One Small Step conversation partners Dimple Dhabalia (47) and Tiffany Gray (43) exchange their lived experiences. They connect on their work in supporting vulnerable populations, and find they have a shared belief in listening to and learning from other people...

Music Therapy and Self Care ft My Niece!

My niece spoke on her future in her career and a lot on how music affects peoples lives daily.

Jeryl's Justification

Entrepreneurship comes in many different faces. As I was discovering new moving stories of incredible people and their passion for creation, I found one that spoke to me. Jeryl's Journey, Jeryl is the mastermind that came up with the incredible...

Natalia Calonzo and Liz Wessel

Natalia shares with Liz the life changing impact that the care and nurturing of one St. Joseph nurse had on her when she was alone at age 17 giving birth. This experience changed her life trajectory and set her on...