Crystal DeBerry, Kristy Smith, and Torey DeBerry

Crystal DeBerry (40) talked with her board members Kristy Smith (45) and Torey DeBerry (43) about the creation of Indomitable Families Affected by Incarceration (IFAM). They discuss why they started and continue this work.

Chip’s life story part 1

Nicole Benenati interviews her Father, Chip Blenk about his growing up in the country and his military draft time. The rest of his story is in part two.

Christina Thomason and Angelia Smith

Best friends for over 30 years Christy Thomason (42) and Angelia "Angie" Smith (42) discuss what they have learned from their friendship and Angie's role as an advocate for her community in Mobile, Alabama.

Pat Day: Death and Bread of Life

Joayne, 48, interviews her Uncle Patrick, 77, about a death experience that led to the discovery and development of a lifelong hobby and a path of connection and service.

Opal Jones and Julie Lock

Colleagues Opal Jones (47) and Julie Lock (68) talk about their experience as female leaders, their dedication to serving their community, and the importance of treating others with kindness.

Opal Jones and Brenda Armour

Brenda Armour [no age given] speaks to her colleague Opal Jones [no age given] about working at Cooper House, a place to house and support people with HIV and AIDS.

David Walker and Judy Sarkozy

Judy Sarkozy [no age given] interviews friend and coworker David Walker [no age given] about his experience serving 33 years in prison, his work with her at Sarkozy Bakery, and his outlook on life.

Interview with coordinator of St. John Neumann Catholic Church Homeless Ministry

My name is Katherine Mesa (20) and I am a current student at Florida International University and today I interviewed Amanda LaGra of St. John Neumann Catholic Church. In our interview we discussed Amanda’s role as homeless ministry coordinator and...

John Ellis and Kara Silva

One Small Step partners John Ellis (43) and Kara Silva (51) discuss their shared love of the mind-expanding view travel provides. They reflect upon their difference religious views but shared sense of the importance of family and connection with other...