Ryan Gorringe, Nadine Gorringe, and Amelia Gorringe

Ryan Gorringe (43) and his daughter Amelia Gorringe (17) interview his mom, Nadine Gorringe (81), about her life's journey, including favorite childhood, career, and family memories.

Betty O'Connor and Milly Murphy

Betty O'Connor (64) interviews her mother, Milly Murphy (93), about her childhood, marriage to her husband, and her earliest memories from the 1930s in Sapulpa, Oklahoma.

Halle Davenport Interviews her aunt Amy Mercer about her Great Quilting Hobby!

In the interview, conducted in February 2022 in Alexandria, Louisiana, Halle Davenport(16) Interviews her aunt Amy Mercer(41) about her Quilting Hobby. Amy Mercer shared her stories about how she first got started quilting. She mentions she makes her own patterns...

Pauline Thompson and Tamar Brown

Tamar Brown (31) interviews her mother Pauline Thompson (66) about Pauline's life, including her experiences as an illegal immigrant in Canada, her life when she returned to Jamaica, and how she started her own sewing business that she and Tamar...

Cindy Haslem (79) talks about what it was like growing up as a young girl in the 1960’s with her granddaughter, Erin.

Cynthia Haslem (79) talks about her childhood experiences growing up in a strict household in the 50’s and 60’s. Cindy lived in Dearborn Michigan her whole life, having dreams of becoming a veterinarian, but her elders would not allow her...

Barbara Brown, Sadie Brown, and Irene Mackson

Sisters Irene Brown Mackson [no age given] and Sadie Brown (47) ask their mother, Barbara Brown (85), about her life and faith.

Mary Miaisha Simmons Mitchell and Claudia Blackburn

Claudia Blackburn (65) interviews community leader and activist, Mary Miaisha Simmons Mitchell (75) about growing up in a close-knit community of extended family torn apart by urban renewal. Her early experiences sparked a thirst for equity, justice and steered her...

Jenny Rask interviews Gene Rask about his life and growing up in Portland, Oregon.

Jenny Rask: 2020-12-16 02:49:27 Jenny Rask interviews Gene Rask about his life and growing up in Portland, Oregon. We start off talking about the Covid vaccine and if we will be able to see each this Christmas Eve for our...