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The Beauty of Self Expression

Rafael, a member of the lgbtq+ community shared his experiences, growth, and advice.

the inside scoop on ellie

Join Brian and Ellie in a Subaru Outback as we talk through this interview. We dive into our childhood memories, and our sexuality experiences. As we sit in a 2016 Subaru Outback and drink coffee, we learn more about each...

My sisters experience

This is my sisters experience and how she gets treated. She spoke of how family and society treated her. Ivette also mentioned someone else’s experience too

What makes you Emilio Canaii?

In this interview I asked Emilio a little bit about his outlook on life, his family history, and his experiences as part of the LGBT community.

Sexual Orientation/Identity Interview

I will be interviewing Juan Diaz and his journey with his sexual orientation.

Sexual Assault/Rape

Is sexual assault something we should be talking about more in society?