interview with will

will is (20) , talks about how he grew up, what his sexual orientation is and what his gender is.

Kennice and Nico 12-04-23

The person I interviewed is Nico, one of the close friends I made here in college. In the interview we discussed how being raised in another country influenced his life and has led him up to this moment.

Thomas Barlow and John Amoroso

One Small Step partners Thomas "Tom" Barlow (39) and John Amoroso (45) share their challenges being divorced fathers of daughters, and their learning process around the changing language and mores regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.

Strengthening Familial Ties: The Impact of Religious, Sexual, and Personal Identities

Samantha Hano talks with her new friend, Katharine Baker, about the interplay between her various religious, sexual, and personal identities, and the role these identities play in strengthening familial ties.

Daniel Simpson & Andrew Rudolph

Daniel Simpson (18) talks with his best friend, Andrew Rudolph (18) about his identities as a gay Korean-American adoptee to white parents. They talk about Andrew's journey through self discover, his connection to his identities, bully he has faced, and...

A Conversation About Mental Health and Sexuality

I talk with my friend Millie about my personal struggles with mental health and my sexuality.

PRIDE In All Who Served: Reducing Healthcare Disparities for LGBT Veterans

"PRIDE In All Who Served" is a ten-week health education group designed to address the unique care needs of LGBT Veterans. Developed at the Hampton VA in 2016, the group provides a safe place to discuss identity and relevant healthcare...

Sexual orientation interview rpts

In this interview, we talked about John’s experience with coming out as homosexual and also what challenges he had to overcome