Laura Coleman and Howard Collins

Friends Laura Coleman (57) and Howard Collins (60) discuss their work in battling child sex trafficking, and highlight the ways our society and culture contribute to the continued exploitation of children.

"I love you."

Dear pals, Lexie and Marina, talk about growing up in the Midwest, resonance with effeminate men, coming out as many things, hospitalization, the anthology "Written on the Body." The interview may or may not close with a lil song :)

R. Disney and Merritt Benz

R. Eric Disney (68) tells his friend and therapist, Merritt L Benz (41), about what he was like as a child, creativity throughout his life, faith, and his relationship with his parents. He reflects on his life long struggle with...

Mary Caravalho and Christy Hightower

Mary Caravalho's mother died young of cancer and Mary honored her mother by taking on her mother's role of staying in touch with her cousin Judy throughout Judy's life. Now Mary honors her cousin Judy by uncovering and telling the...

Gedalia Braverman and Elizabeth Schaffer

Gedalia Braverman (56) and Elizabeth Schaffer (53) talk about the first few years of the organization API Equality. They talk about being in San Francisco during the 1990s and their work during the AIDS crisis. They also talk about cultural...

Reena Kapoor and Anurag Wadehra

Anurag Wadehra (52) interviews his wife, Reena Kapoor (49), about her involvement in the 1947 Partition Archive Project. Reena talks about the legend of her grandmother and her experience as a survivor of the Partition. Reena also talks about the...