The Dreams of a Hero

Kian Dreams of joining the military for the soul purpose of being able to save lives. He is full of hope and courage and a great sense of humor. I am honored to be his sister 🙂 and I know...

Anh interview

This interview was based on the life of my older brother , Anh . Thrpughout the interview he explained his thoughts .

December 20, 2018
Extra Credit Interview Zane Shamblin, Wagner, 4th, 12/18/18

Interviewer: Zane Shamblin Interviewee: Isabelle Shamblin Why did you choose the elder you did? I chose to interview my sister because she is currently attending college, and wanted to know about her experiences, as well as any advice she’d have...

Ryland and Tyson

I asked my younger brother about some of his memories and what he is grateful for.

Sean Park Interview

Sihee Park and her son Sean Park bond and talk about her past. Sihee Park Comes to the U.S. with her husband expecting nothing. Many hardships were thrown in their way such as language and culture but still made it...

On Philosophy and Alternate History

A discussion on Alternate History and Philosophy

Interview with Jordan (continued)

Mixed topics. Jobs, politics, religion, etc.

My sisters interview

We talked about the questions I came up with.

I was just wondering

Favorite place to photograph and favorite family photo