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Gerald Haskins delights and entertains with stories of his youthful adventures.

In 1966, well before he pursued a career in computer science, Gerald Haskins turned down a job at a circus and decided instead to ride his Vespa motor scooter from Florida to California planning to finish in New York. But,...

Greta Reed and George Fong

Greta Reed (83) interviews her friend, George Fong (84), about his escape from Communist China to Hong Kong where he eventually landed in Brazil and then the United States. George and Greta remember George's wife, Wilma.

Kathleen Caldarella Riley and Matthew August

Matthew August: 2020-06-13 16:17:46 Matt August, age 42, interview with Grandma Kathleen Caldarella Riley, age 94, about significant periods in her life. She speaks about her family growing up and her time working in the WWII manufacturing plants. We touch...

Tinker Walker and Harold Walker (II)

Tinker Walker (94) talks to her son Harold Walker II (62) about her best friend "Beebaw" her rag doll, while she was growing up after the loss of both her parents & how after losing her beloved doll as a...

“Be good to other people, and they’ll be good to you”
October 27, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, I talk with my great grandmother Harriet Sander about her and her husband, Floyd’s adventures across the country. From packing houses in Florida to Yellowstone National Park to Sin City, Las Vegas, Harriet proves to herself that...

Traveling the world as part of your career

My father grew up in England. He has been fortunate enough as a Satellite Communications Engineer to be able to travel the world as part of his job. His first destination was Indonesia, a third world country he had never...