Brianne Laurin and Terry Toole

Brianne Laurin [no age given] talks with her grandmother Terry Toole (81) about various chapters in Terry's life. The duo talks about moments of grief that have followed Terry throughout her life, such as losing her husband, father, brother, and...

Tinker Walker and Harold Walker (II)

Tinker Walker (94) talks to her son Harold Walker II (62) about her best friend "Beebaw" her rag doll, while she was growing up after the loss of both her parents & how after losing her beloved doll as a...

Eileen talks with her mother Joan about her childhood, marriage and family during a Thanksgiving visit

Interview with my 85 year old Mom who lost her father when she was 7, grew up in Jersey City with the support of extended family and Catholic nuns, raised 5 children and has been married 64 years.