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I’m a teacher with ADHD and I can do anything.

This interview is based on ADHD and how to cope. There are ways to cope as a teacher with ADHD.

My aunt’s experience with ADHD as an adult.

My aunt was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 56. She discusses her experiences and struggles with ADHD.

My aunt’s experience with ADHD as an adult.

My aunt discusses her struggles growing up undiagnosed with ADHD, and her experiences as an adult.

Chris Rowland- ADHD Diagnosis

Chris talks about how his ADHD diagnosis impacted him.

Understanding the Simple Life

In this interview conducted in Knoxville TN on November 25th 2018, Max Fields (17) interviews his step-grandmother Virginia Swaggerty about her childhood, family, faith, and the world today. Mrs. Swaggerty shares stories about growing up and her life through the...

EC little brother

I wanted to get an overall better perspective on my little brother. He is both quiet and loud at the same time. I first realized he would be a person to interview when I realized we would talk about different...