Anne Sarewitz & Molly Swain

Anne's roots to The Mount run deep. Starting around the age of 10 when her family would come here to listen to her 80 yr old grandmother, Eusebia Parker, entertain the old folks to becoming a two-time board member. Her...

Sister Rita Bergamini & Molly Swain

Sr. Rita first lived at Providence Mount St. Vincent (The Mount) when she was a novice back in 1947 and later took her vows at the chapel there. After leaving for her first mission, she returned in 1972 and became...

Interviewing Layne Hubble

I am interviewing my sister who was in your class 8 years ago. We discuss adulthood as well as childhood memories and valuable lessons.

Great Thanksgiving Listen (ft. my sister)
December 23, 2022 App Interview

i interviewed my sister(age 14) using randomly selected questions. we had a lot of fun doing this, and i learned a little bit about her that i didn’t already know

Interview With Jordan Levenberg: “Meeting the Sisters I Never Knew I Had”

Jordan Levenberg talks about their experience contacting their biological sisters for the first time at age 15.

December 9, 2022 App Interview

Carissa is 19 almost 20 she is my sister. we talked about her memories. we also talked a little bit about childhood

entrevista con mi hermana

Jeanna Ceja - 16 years old, older sister Jimena Ceja - 13 years old, younger sister


thank you Tj for letting me interview you and this is my brother and we just discussed life and to not give and believe in yourself

Jaime’s Story

Jaime is my sister who is 19 years old. We talked about school, family memories, work, and more.