Chloe and kennedi- sister interview

interviewing my 22 year old sister! (please keep in mind the speech impediment she has) thank you for listening!

Ava interviews Isla

Not a particularly serious interview, but I feel it captures the silliness and sweetness of early childhood. December 16, 2023

Recording – 12-04-2023 10:15:27

Paul Mark is born in 1942 and married. And we discussed his lifetime and memories growing up.

Journalism Project Henrik Santiago

I interviewed my sister Leighton Santiago who is a freshman this year at Arlington Heights, she goes to heights for a specific veterinarian program that Paschal doesn’t have, she is 14 years old. I asked her about people she most...

Talking to Julia

In this we were able to talk about her legacy and the imprints she’s left on me and our family and the imprints we’ve left on her.

Her Story

Mitzy Silva is my older sister to whom I am very close, even though she is 5 years older I don't feel any age gap. We are always together, and since we share every aspect of our lives, I was...