Sheila Conway and Sharon Malone

Twin sisters, Sheila Conway [no age given] and Sharon Malone [no age given] were among the first black students in Memphis, TN integrated into predominately white public schools, known as the Memphis 13. The two recall the violence they faced...

Stephine Poston and Shayai Lucero

Stephine "Steph" Poston (55) speaks to fellow entrepreneur and friend Shayai Lucero (48) about the impact of the Native Women Lead organization on their entrepreneurial journeys as Native women business owners.

Storytelling Speech Interview

My name is Rachel Doering (18 years old)and in this interview I talk with my older sister Serenity (24 years old). In this interview we talk about Serenity's life, her proudest moments and her least favorite moments.

Storytelling With Maya

Maya O’Keeffe (17) interviewed by Leilah O’Keeffe (20). Sisters talking about life, memories, family, and sisterhood.

Judi Amsel, Sue Mofson Tice, and Janice Ward

Friends Judi Amsel (67), Sue Mofson Tice (70), and Janice Ward (67) discuss the evolution of their mah-jongg group, and the friendship, community, and fun it has brought to their lives.

Selina X and Teronia C

Friends Selina X [no age given] and Teronia C (60) talks about how they each ended up in prison, what their sentencing was like, and what the re-entry journey looked like for each of them.

Talethia Edwards, Anita Wimberly, and Valerie George

A group of African-American "sista friends," Talethia Edwards (39), Valerie George (38) and Anita Wimberly [no age given], chat about life, intimate platonic friendships, family, marriage and the importance of their bond in the African-American community. They talk about the...

"We were sisters, opposites in behavior, but we never argued"

This interview was conducted by Julia Sweeny (16). She talks with her nana (grandmother) and her sister (grand aunt) they discussed many components to personal childhood, parenthood, and now life. This interview includes many stories from childhood of growing up...