10-Year Difference

On February 3rd, 2024, Aisha Hashimi interviewed Madina Hashimi. With Aisha being 18 years old and Madina being 8 years old, the two of them have a 10 year age difference. Madina is the youngest sister of Aisha, while Aisha...

Sisters Tegan and Zia talk Rosemary + Sage

Boston (Tegan, 30) + Denver (Zia, 28) sisters | Same recipes, different kitchens @_rosemaryandsage

Thanksgiving Interview

Im Rachel Zuniga, and I'm 16 years old. I interviewed my older sibling, Kaikea M. Santiago, who is 22 years old, and the interview was about their job, life, and small stories about their childhood.

Nancy’s interview with Angelica Hernandez

This interview is conducted by Nancy Hernandez (17) and her participant is Angelica Hernandez (22) which is her older sister. Her older sister talks about her life, future, hobbies, etc.

Interviewing my sister

I interviewed my 10 year old sister Lily and I asked questions about me and her life

Sister interview

Sheyla interviewing her sister Nicole who is 20 while Sheyla is 18

Mary Zaborski and Agnes Fischer

Friends Mary Zaborski (no age given) and Agnes Fischer (86) discuss Agnes’ seventy-year tenure in the convent as a part of a religious order and her work in Nicaragua.

Becky Kosley and Cindy Henry

Becky Kosley (65) interviews her sister Cindy Henry (66) about their family’s migration to the United States from Slovakia, the closeness of their family, and their family’s military service.