Bob Casanta and Joey Francoeur-Kryzek

Bob Casanta (72) remembers his older brother, Jim, with his friend, Joey Francoeur-Kryzek (56).

Cynthia Morrill interviews Jo Ann Morrill December 26, 2020

Cynthia Morrill: 2020-12-26 22:59:21 age 52 interviews her mother, Jo Ann Morrill, age 86. Discussed change of women's roles in 20th century, family history, loss and grief, moving from a small town to a city.

Carmen Rhoades and Stephanie Hatfield

Stephanie Hatfield (46) interviews her good friend Carmen Rhoades (49) about what it's like building tiny houses in Terlingua, Texas and more specifically being a woman who builds.

Growing up

Wes grew up in a small town which shows in his manners that he uses and the way he respects others. He elaborates on these morals more in the interview.

David A interviews Judy Campbell

Judy and David talk about Judy's life in NP over the years. She shares stories of fun celebrations our town used to have, such as the Paul Revere anniversary ride in 1975.

Jessie Wagnon and Agnes Borden Dauncey

Jessie Wagnon (33) interviews her grandmother Agnes Dauncey (82) about growing up in White Bluffs, WA, a community that would later be displaced in order to build a secret government project called the Hanford projects.

Kooper Baldwin and Mason Thomas

Best friends Kooper Baldwin (18) and Mason Thomas (18) talk theater, their hopes and fears of getting away from home for college, and what it was like to grow up queer in a conservative town.

Alexander McGregor and Ian McGregor

Alexander "Alex" McGregor (71) is prompted by his son, Ian McGregor (39), to talk about the importance of preserving small towns, as well as their family agriculture business, which spans over a century.

Edwin Erickson and Merlyn Kiel

In this interview, I talk to my grandpa living in a small town during the coronavirus where they have no cases yet, but a big threat coming in the summer due to many visitors.