Advice About Life

Daughter (Savannah) and father (Hector) discuss his childhood, father, and his thoughts on life.

Mitch Clark

My conversation with Mitch Clark about growing up in Peoria, IL, and his decision to move to Chicago. The interview also includes inspirational figures in Mitch's life and his sporting/gaming experiences.

Interview with Brooke

Brooke Bentley dives into the highs and lows of being a college athlete.

Recording di Marcelo interview – 01-08-2024 22:33:58

I interviewed my mom, and she gave me some great responses. great to hear about life in a different country.

Archibald, Libby (12/11/23)

Libby Archibald (14) Matthew Archibald (48) Parent-child relationship, discussing Matty’s life in general

Alaina Hebert and Pat Barnard

Pat Barnard (36) talks to his friend and colleague Alaina Hebert (28) about his son's battle with cancer, how he has maintained a positive outlook on life, and his reflections on Cajun heritage.