Interviewing my mom about Social Mobility

I interviewed my mother about her experience with and opinions on social mobility and stratification.

Interview with Sarah for RPTS

Sarah talking about her upbringing and how it effects her today.

The VCU Incident and Race, A Single Black Mom’s Perspective

This interview is about the insights of a black woman about race in America in the wake of the incident that occurred at VCU where a black professor had security called on them for not believing they belonged in the...

Listening to the life of my Mother

Hearing about Detroit from the 50s through the 70s from a woman who grew up on Saint Mary’s Avenue in Detroit and how things have changed since then. She also gives us a glimpse into her own personal life and...

Social Issues in Healthcare and Homelessness!

I discussed social injustice within the healthcare field as well as homelessness!

Me and My Dad

Me and my Dad talk about how he met my mom and about high school today compared to when he was in it.

Cade Watts Interviewing His Grandmother, Susan, About Life in the Late 1900’s

We talked briefly on l8fe in the 1900’s. This includes anything from poltics to ideology.