Linda Love Mesler and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Linda Love Mesler, whose family has roots in rural Iowa for hundreds of years, talks about her global childhood, from New York to Cambodia. After becoming a technology lawyer, she settled in Andover and is...

Virginia Schmid and Marty Rosenbluth

One Small Step conversation partners Marty Rosenbluth (63) and Virginia "Jinnie" Lee Schmid (55) discuss their diverse career paths, how their religious beliefs have shaped their political views, and how the current nature of politics is to ignore some aspects...

Maria Autrey and Jean Molesky-Poz

New acquaintances Maria Autrey (34) and Jean Molesky-Poz [no age given] talk about transnational identity, rituals, and Catholicism. They reflect on how indigenous spirituality has informed their religious lives and world views.

Denise Hartsough and Peter Strazdas

One Small Step partners Denise Hartsough (64) and Peter Strazadas (64) talk about their backgrounds, values, experiences with race, and their perspectives on the role of government.

Timothy Hunter and Claire Ninde
August 18, 2022 OSS Hub

One Small Step conversation partners Timothy "Tim" Hunter (63) and Claire Ninde (57) share life histories, political opinions and things they've learned from family members.

Jean Skeels and Mike Ulen

One Small Step conversation partners Jean Skeels (50) and Mike Ulen (32) talk about tribalism in US politics, the harm done by labeling, and their personal political philosophies and the events and people that helped shape their ideas.

Sara Trail and Emory Christian

Emory Christian talks with her niece, Sara Trail, about Juneteenth and her work as founder of the Social Justice Sewing Academy.

Racial Profiling In The Midwest

In this Interview I speak with Pedro Contreras about his experiences with racism and racial profiling in the U.S. specifically at Columbus Ohio, where he attended law school at The Ohio State University.