Society’s Biggest Monopoly: The internet

Diving into depth about the rise and role technology and the internet has played in our lives.

Barbara Michelman and Matthew Hurtt

Barbara Michelman (54) talks to her One Small Step conversation partner Matthew Hurtt (33) who agree they have differences but also are people who believe in compromise and try to meet others in person to understand each other.

Online Media’s Footprint on Society – New Media Project

Trisha and I explored how online media has truly made it’s mark onto reality and unraveled where people begin to adapt to the new culture. In addition, took a look to how might future generations fixate themselves around the virtual...

Kirsten Yates and Paul Sifton
July 22, 2020 OSS Hub

Kirsten Yates (33), a middle school history teacher, talks to her One Small Step conversation partner and business owner Paul Sifton [no age given] about how COVID-19 has impacted their jobs and politics and social media.

Ed Dean and Claire Goforth

Claire Goforth (39), a liberal former alt-weekly editor, talks to her friend Ed Dean (42), a conservative radio show host, about social media, the news and how their views have shifted over the years.

Robert and Alice Militaru

Robert and Alice talk about life during and post-pandemic. We explore life without social media and what it means to be with family.

Effects of coronavirus and the media With Oquin Robinson

Vcu student, Oquin Robinson speaks about how coronavirus has affected his personal life and his consumption of the media. Speaks about fake news in the media and what this pandemic has taught him