Society’s Biggest Monopoly: The internet

Diving into depth about the rise and role technology and the internet has played in our lives.

Online Media’s Footprint on Society – New Media Project

Trisha and I explored how online media has truly made it’s mark onto reality and unraveled where people begin to adapt to the new culture. In addition, took a look to how might future generations fixate themselves around the virtual...

Robert and Alice Militaru

Robert and Alice talk about life during and post-pandemic. We explore life without social media and what it means to be with family.

Effects of coronavirus and the media With Oquin Robinson

Vcu student, Oquin Robinson speaks about how coronavirus has affected his personal life and his consumption of the media. Speaks about fake news in the media and what this pandemic has taught him

How has social media affected you by being an international student?

we talked about how she being almost 6000 miles away from her family and friends she has made a good use of social media and how since we are going through this pandemic social media has made her able to...

Covid-19: Betsy Cook of National Picnic

Jackie Neale talks with her friend and clothing designer, Betsy Cook, about how it feels to follow her inner call to action to use her clothing storefront boutique, National Picnic, to make hundreds of face masks for medical professionals in...

COVID-19: Eric Robinson

Eric Robinson and I talk about how it is difficult to watch his son, who is a senior in high school, how he is unable to celebrate his graduation and all of the other celebratory activities of senior year because...