Sofia Hryhorasz, Anna Cirilli and Lida Nedilsky

Valedictorian Sofia Hryhorasz (13) and Principal Anna Cirilli (45) of St. Nicholas Cathedral School recount to Lida (51) what it was like to go remote on Friday the 13th of March and emerge for in person learning in August of...

What kind of difference does 10 years really make?

In this interview we discussed growing up with technology and what kinds of benefits and detriments that has created in the quarantine world.

Practice Interview (2)

Talking with my sister about mental health and the impact of social media.

Grace interview about covid

Interviewing Grace about how the pandemic has shaped how she interacts with people.

Carson Herrick, Dana Hamilton: Social Media and Online Community Experiences amidst COVID-19

Carson Herrick (21) talks with his peer and schoolmate, Dana Hamilton (21) about their experiences with social media and online communities over the past year. Discussion includes how our outlooks on social media have changed, lessons we've learned, and how...

Eleanor Stanford and Yewon Na

Eleanor talks with her close friend and housemate about life since the COVID-19 pandemic. How has life as student been affected by going online? What's different about social life one year after everything changed?

The Thoughts of a Dancer and the Society We Live in Today: My StoryCorps Interview with my Roommate

A short interview of two roommates on a late Monday night talking about life. Two girls talking about social norms, influential figures, and Kendall’s passions in life.

Interview #1 CCM 299

My roommate, Kai and I explored his experiences throughout the pandemic, with a specific focus on online communities and social media.